About Me

Hi, I'm Dorota...

As a qualified and experienced accountant, I set out on a journey to help SMEs that are intimidated by the sound of an accounting firm and their prices. 

With over eight years of experience working in accounting firms and then as a finance manager in an industry, I can offer all different insights into your business.

"If you want an amazing accountant, someone you can talk to and will take all your worries and stress away when it comes to your accounts, then contact Dorota straight away. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed."

Jackie & Colin Beasley T/A Seat Glove

Why Work With Me?

I was hearing from a lot of people that would approach me, that the accounting firms they were dealing with did not pay attention to their business as much as they would like to. They were looking for someone that will be more hands on and involved - hearing this, I decided to start O'Meally Accounting Services.

I define success as such: people that trusted me to look after their business are not regretting their choice.

I do not intend to become a large practice, so that I am able to focus on my clients business entirely, monitor their spendings and see potential savings - instead of just completing their bookkeeping. 

I also implement smart tax planning throughout the financial year, as opposed to pointing out what could be done after the fact. I use a lot of smart technology to help me analyse the financial data more effectively and I find it that this also helps the person to understand their business better.

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