Services & Pricing


I offer packages with fixed monthly payment, which are tailored to the clients individual needs. All businesses are unique, and so are your needs!
Therefore, pricing depends on the individual client and services I am providing.
I provide bespoke management and cashflow services for businesses in the hospitality sector, giving you a great insight into your business.
Example of services I provide:
...and any other services that client might need to provide financial insight.

I love to work with clients that are interested in learning about their business and expanding the potential


As mentioned above, all my packages are bespoke and tailored towards each client. Therefore, all my pricing is also bespoke. I offer packages on a monthly contract - to get a quote, please get in touch and we can discuss what this may look like for you and your business.

My goal is to establish fantastic relationships with my clients and know their business in and out!

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